Ancona Ducks have a broken splotchy non-symmetrical pattern with a white background color. They come in black, chocolate, blue, silver, lavender, lilac, and tri-color. Black and white is the most common color.

Ancona ducks are native to the New England area of the United States, where their popularity remains today. Records of Anconas in this area date back to the early 1900’s.

Anconas are a medium duck weighing 6-6.5 lbs.

Anconas are good layers yielding 210-280 eggs annually. Their eggs come in bluish/green, cream, or white.

Anconas excel in foraging ability. Often the alpha female will lead the others around while they forage.

They are known for being hardy ducks, adapting well to different climates.

Anconas are not yet recognized by the APA (American Poultry Association).

Ancona Ducks are listed by the Livestock Conservancy under Yellow/Watch.