Dutch Hookbill

Dutch Hookbills are ducks with a no-nonsense personality. They are some of the coolest ducks you will ever meet.

Hookbills like to stay together within their flocks and the males protect their girls. They are one of the few domestic duck breeds that can fly. They love their areas they call home and will happily file in every night if they are out and about. This unique breed is known for it’s excellent foraging abilities and is considered one of the best for it.

This is a very old breed. There are paintings depicting Hookbills as far back as the late 1500’s and written records of them from in 1676. Charles Darwin wrote about them and is said to have kept a flock on a pond on his estate. In The Netherlands they were used for working the water ways for pest control. By the 1950’s they had almost become extinct.

They come in a unique variety of colors that are only available here in the United States and Canada. We currently have White, Grey, Dusky, Aleutian, Gold Aleutian, Snowy, Gold Snowy and Black, which is extremely rare at this time. All colors come in a bibbed variety as well.

Dutch Hookbills are not yet recognized by the APA (American Poultry Association). a critically endangered breed.

Dutch Hookbills are listed by the Livestock Conservancy as Red/Critically Endangered.