Ancona Ducks have a broken splotchy non-symmetrical pattern with a white background color. They come in black, chocolate, blue, silver, lavender, lilac, and tri-color. Black and white is the most common color. Ancona ducks are native to the New England area of the United States, where their popularity remains today. Records of Anconas in this … Continue reading Ancona

Dutch Hookbill

Dutch Hookbills are ducks with a no-nonsense personality. They are some of the coolest ducks you will ever meet. Hookbills like to stay together within their flocks and the males protect their girls. They are one of the few domestic duck breeds that can fly. They love their areas they call home and will happily … Continue reading Dutch Hookbill

Golden Cascade Ducks

Dave Holderread first introduced the Golden Cascade Duck in 1984. They are named after the Cascade Mountain Range as well as the golden color of the ducklings. They were developed to be a good looking duck that performs well even under less than the best of conditions. Golden Cascades excel in egg production, being hardy, … Continue reading Golden Cascade Ducks